The Kiki Challenge and World Youth Day

The Kiki Challenge and World Youth Day

Youth are the pillars of the nation’s development and prosperity, they are considered  the future of the nation but the future of the nation is busy in doing the “Kiki challenge”.

The Kiki challenge requires the participant to alight from a moving car dance to the song and then climb back into the car. This challenge became a trend after comedian Shiggy posted a video of him dancing to the song on Instagram. His post prompted several others to take up the challenge transforming it into a global phenomenon. There is a storm of videos of youngsters doing the challenge.

The challenge has led many teens and youngsters across the world trying it and many who failed to do this has incurred sever injuries. This challenge has made its wave in India also and people are eagerly taking up a challenge and risking their life.

Concerned about the matter, police of all the states has issued a warning notice asking not to take up and pass this challenge. Anyone caught taking up this challenge will be jailed and fined. Police is keeping a sincere check on these activities especially in the night.

UN is preparing for the celebration of International youth day (12th August) the police and government is busy requesting youngster’s not to risk their life. International Youth Day was started as initiative to aware youth for better youth and mental health. It is meant as an opportunity for government and others to draw attention to youth issues worldwide. Different events are organized by government officials and youth organization like workshops, cultural events and meetings on issues taking place around the world.

This day was designated by UN in 1999. Previous year the theme of international youth day was “Youth building peace”. It recognizes the contribution of young people in preventing conflict, supporting inclusion, social justice and sustains peace.

But this year seeing the craziness of youth for the Kiki challenge what will be the theme for this International Youth Day.

IYD is celebrated onAugust 12.The Theme is Sustainable Learning.

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