Human Rights: Text and Context , released at AN Sinha Institute

Human Rights: Text and Context , released at AN Sinha Institute

On Friday ,7th September  a book, “Human Rights: Text and Context written by Dr. Shubhash Sharma was launched at AN Sinha Institute , Patna.

Dr. Professor Daisy Narayan, a Human Rights activist, said that “Human Rights is the area which involves practically all of us . As the author of the book, Dr. Shubhash Sharma is an administrator but it is always seen that a Human Right activist always stands opposite to an administrator. There is always a fight going on the topic what is Human Rights , how we all see Human Rights , and how an administrator looks at Human Rights. So I think Dr. Shubhash Sharma has done a commendable job. I have found an empathy in each chapter of the book.”

After the Introduction by Dr. Professor. Narayan , the book was launched.

Dr.Professor  Shankar Ashish Dutt, HOD, English department, Patna University and the key speaker for the event said ,”I remember being here about a month ago, Dr. Shubhash Sharma has released a book ,which is translated by Dr. VK Jha , professor, Dept. of English, H. Siddhu Kanu University, Dumka. This book contains 21 anthology call Speechless and other stories. The dignity of human individual seems to be very consciousness of Dr. Sharma. To my mind the whole idea of Human Rights actually stems from this idea of human responsibilities.

The chief guest for the press conference  was  Justice Anjana Mishra of the Patna High Court. The conference was presided over by Justice SK Sharma , Lokayukt , Bihar.

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