Today the world has been connected by the web leading to various communications happening in no time. It can surely be said that world indeed has came a long way in technological advancements. But the thing which has been a arising issue since few months is excessive use of this technology.

A recent news published in the Hindustan newspaper on 2nd Sept. 2018 read, that excessive use of social media creates tension and depression.

A survey which was conducted by Britian’s Royal Society of Public Health in 2017 stated that social media could be the main reason for depression. The survey which captured around 1,500 people showed that the addiction of the social media is much fatal than that of cigarettes and alcohol.

Also, according to a study done in America’s Chicago University claimed that using social media has become the third necessity of life after food and sleep for human race and it is next to impossible to control the addiction.

Also a another report of States of Mind said that “Instagram” is the most dangerous social media site in terms of creating negative side effects on humans. The report said that the social media generates inferiority complex in youth which ultimately leads in making them mentally ill.The social media site being on top in the list is followed by Snapchat and Facebook who are next on the list.

However, it was claimed that “You Tube” doesn’t have side effects. As per findings, You Tube does not come in the list of sites which harms health of human. But still it cannot be advised to use you tube for a longer period of time as it can effect eyesight and can make one lazy and addicted towards smart phones, which again is dangerous.

Also it was mentioned in the report that according to experts, social media takes you in another world and users start to live in virtual time than in present time. Scrolling smart phone before going to bed can even make winking difficult. It has been claimed that scrolling through people’s photos decreases one’s self confidence.

In today’s world social media has become much more than a time pass. People, specially youngsters and youth need to realize it before the world develops new diseases due to overuse of technology. Technologies and advancements are being done for our better future and we should use them judiciously.

Yours Truly

Madhukar Anand,  BMC 5 Sem,St Xavier’s College MMT&Tech, Patna


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