Gandhi’s learnings are still relevant today

Gandhi’s learnings are still relevant today

The father of our nation Mahatma Gandhi was called Mahatma because of his great contributions. His Champaran and Kheda Agitations, non-cooperation movement, Dandi March and Quit India Movement shook the foundation of British government completely. He played a remarkable role in India’s independence.

Gandhi did not made India independent only but also played a vital role in shaping our country. His teaching and experiments are still very valuable when India is fighting against poverty, hunger, illiteracy, corruption, disease, discrimination against women and environmental degradation.

At some points we find that his teachings are still being followed for example candle march against any crime (peaceful protest) is an example of non-violence. His views on women empowerment, basic education for all, decentralization of power, sanitation is relevant and still being followed presently.

Gandhi had a brilliant Public Relations skill.  He was a strategist; planner and he molded his decisions according to the situation. He could visualize and had an intellectual foresight. Our leaders and government have a lot to learn from him. Even the youth and the teenagers can learn to be determined and focused towards their goals despite of all hardships.

His teachings seem to be a solution to overcome the present ever growing problem of terrorism; His entire life is learning for all of us.  Gandhi’s famous saying that earth provides us enough for our needs but not for our greed is extremely apt.

Today universal brotherhood, peaceful co-existence, respect for all, economic independence and basic education of all are the goals of better world.


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