Monthly pension of MISA detainees banned

Monthly pension of MISA detainees banned

Weeks after returning to power in Madhya Pradesh, CM Kamal Nath has banned the further payment of monthly pension to those detained during the Emergency under the Maintenance of Internal Security Act (MISA) and Defence of India Rules (DIR).

According to the reports, CM Kamal Nath is set to introduce a proposal that will change the existing scheme of providing pensions to detainees during the Emergency. Under the Lok-nayak Jaiprakash Narayan Samman Nidhi Niyam, nearly 2,000 people jailed during the Emergency get a monthly pension of Rs 25,000.

Although, it has been said by the government that under this MISA scheme many ineligible people are also getting pension. So it will be examined first and only then the decision will be taken about the plan till then the plan will be closed.

Some Congress leaders have stated MISA pension plan as a wasteful expenditure. According to them, the BJP government started this scheme to oblige their special people and was spending Rs. 75 Crores annually on this. Congress’s media in charge Shobha Ojha also said that the BJP government was giving 25,000 rupees per month to the MISA detainees, while freedom fighters could not get a pension. It is wasteful and should be closed. In this way, the Kamalnath government has stopped it.

On December 28, the government ordered an inquiry into MISA pension scheme. According to the government, many ineligible people are also benefitted under this scheme; in this case it will be examined. The government has also issued instructions to the banks to stop the pension under the MISA scheme.’

 The BJP government had started this scheme for the officers and volunteers of the RSS, who were jailed during the Emergency in Indira Gandhi’s tenure. But now as the Congress government is back in the state they are shutting it down.

Criticism of opposition party

According to the local reports the opposition (BJP) has strongly criticized the move of the Kamal Nath government. Railway Minister Piyush Goyal tweeted sarcastically the Chief Minister Kamal Nath, “Indira Gandhi’s third son stopped the MISA Pension Scheme. This pension was for those who fought for democratic values during the dark days of India (Emergency Period).

This scheme was started for the officers and volunteers of the RSS, who were imprisoned during the Emergency during Indira Gandhi’s reign. Under the MISA Pension Scheme, more than 2000 people are given monthly pension of 25 thousand rupees. Shivraj Sarkar started the scheme in 2008. Starting from 3000 rupees in 2008, this amount was gradually increased to Rs 25 thousand in 2017.

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