Farmers protested against Ahmadabad- Mumbai bullet train concerning green belt

Farmers protested against Ahmadabad- Mumbai bullet train concerning green belt

Around 1, 597.8 Kilometers from Patna  in Navsari, Gujarat the farmers from 29 villages held a protest rally against bullet train project on Wednesday 6th February. Around 2000 protestors submitted the memorandum to an official in this regard. In the memorandum 14 concerns have been raised against the bullet train project.

According to the local news Farmer leader Jayesh Patel said that the land which the government is planning to acquire is a green belt (A green belt is an area of land with fields or parks around a town or city, where people are not allowed to build building or factories). He added, ‘Around 2 Lakh trees will be cut for this. We do not want the green zone to be disturbed”.

In June 2018, Union railways Minister Piyush Goyal stated India’s ambitious bullet train project is likely to be completed by 2022, a year ahead of its estimated deadline, which is December 2023.

On 6 May, Japan’s Parliamentary Vice-Minister Akimoto Masatoshi inspected the sites for Ahmadabad- Mumbai bullet train and Ahmadabad-Gandhinagar metro rail projects, respectively.

The bullet train between Ahmadabad and Mumbai will run a total length of 508 km will be covered in the tunnel under the sea.

The cost of the tunnel is estimated at Rs 3,500 Crores.  The cost of the total train project is Rs 1.10 trillion, and Japan is giving loan of Rs 88,000 Crores at a minimal interest of 0.1 percent, which has to be repaid over 50 years.  

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