Search for Good Governance

Search for Good Governance


Good governance involves the bureaucrats to make them work more efficiently. Bureaucrats are the instrument to fulfill the goal of development, hence it is necessary to encourage the morale as to act as a catalyst to increase the speed of the development of the country.

On the other hand only bureaucrats are not responsible for good governance. It is very important to create a link between the people and bureaucrats so that they can understand their needs and problems. Hurdles are meant to be present everywhere, in this case it is curruption, red-tapism, criminalization of politics etc.

Many developments have taken place in Bihar recently due to coordination between bureaucrats and the common masses. Thus, the ultimate success of the good governance is the machinery of administration.

The search of good governance seems an endless one. It’s rather a dynamic concept than finished product. Being an essential ingredient for socioeconomic development of the country, the government of India and state government come out with new ideas and approaches but did not success when put to action because of lack of the feeling of Good Governance, which is related to quality of the relationship between government and the citizens for whom it exists to “serve and protect”. Protect in the era of globalisation, liberalization and privatisation. The honest bureaucrats are not able to perform their duty due to undue interference of political masters.

In developing countries like India, the bureaucrats have to share a great deal of responsibility. They are a very essential ingredient of good governance. The role is very important . Thus it demands certain qualituies on the part of bureaucrats to excel in their performance. They need to be Innovative and committed to the goal of development and the growth of the economy. Government has good terms with Ambani’s, richest bureaucrat of India.

It is not only the system to be blamed rather bureaucrats themselves are also responsible for negating the concept of good governance. They are till now ridden with the colonial mindset of being the boss of the society rather than the servants of the society. They even admit that they are largely responsible for improper implementation of policies. Criminalization of politics and administration has also created hurdles in the path of good governance. It is a buzzword these days whose practical implication has not been fulfilled yet. Few steps can be followed are public should be vigilant so that the government gets the feedback, the arbitrariness in exercising the power should be reduced, checks should be put on bureaucrats. Strict laws should be made to punish those bureaucrats who are involved in the corrupt practices like Nirav Modi.

Ruchika Kumari

Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi

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