Is media earning a bad name?

Is media earning a bad name?

Caste and religion has been always used as trump cards in Indian politics, when nothing works these two always do. Our society has always been divided in the name of caste and religion by the politicians for their vote bank. But not only politicians, media have also been playing an active role in widening the gap. In the atmosphere of election media shows are always talking about caste and religion making it the basic issues of the people.  

Media has the power and with power comes responsibilities. It has the responsibility to highlight the basic requirements of the people, the problems they are facing, to raise awareness among people and to be voice of the unprivileged ones. But is the media doing so?

Yesterday on 25th April 2019, I attended a talk show election special on issues of Bihar and its youth but the sessions were named “kiske Yadav”, “kiske sath hai Bhraman” and “modi aur muslaman” and the discussion were carried on these. But are these topics relevant now where the basic needs of people are not fulfilled.

 The basic needs of youth are education, employment, infrastructure, security and many more but if these are not fulfilled what will they do of caste and religion. Carrying out debates on what a particular caste or religion thinks is not necessary rather media should highlight the things of which people are deprived off.

Media should be objective but now media is not, it is no longer the voice of the unprivileged rather it has became a business that is selling sensitizing news that is misleading the public.

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