A mother’s love never ages

A mother’s love never ages

The moment we entered the house the only person we look for the first is “Maa”. Happy, sad, irritated or hungry; mother is the solution to all our problems. She is the mixture of care, love, sacrifice, emotions, power, strength and all for us.    

Looking into the Hindu mythological mother we can find different aspects of a mothers; mothers who have sacrificed for their child or mothers who took away life of others for their child’s welfare.

Yashoda, mother of lord Krishna though not biological she raised Krishna selflessly with all the love and care; she was a typical mother who never accepted her son’s fault, she was the alone reason why Krishna was considered the naughtiest child in mythology. For her Krishna was her world, her life revolved around her child; still she had the courage to let her child go to his own mother for her rescue knowing she will never meet him after that. Yashoda didn’t give birth to Krishna but has always known his mother and Krishna is called Yashoda-nandan.

Whereas Kunti was a mother who disowned her son Karna as he was born to her when she was unmarried; she swept Karna in Ganga after that her whole life she lived in the guilt of it. Radha rescued him from being drowned and raised karna as her own child. Radha was an infertile woman and for her Karna was her life.  Kunti never accepted Karna as her son to protect the prestige of her father and later her husband. Karna was always humiliated in the society for being from lower caste and competing with warriors and standing infront of them.

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On other hand Kaikay was a mother, who for her son Bharta gave exaltation to lord Rama so that her son can be the king of Ayodha. Because of this Dashratha died in the grief of his son. Kaikay didn’t have any grudges towards Rama but all she wanted was for her son to have a secure future. Kaikay is considered wrong but as a mother she was only worried about her son’s future and did the best she could do to secure his future.

Our mothers also have these traits in them. They are sweet and innocent like Yashoda selfless like Radha but at the same time courageous also. Somewhere there is a Kaikey in our mothers also who is always worried about our future and do their best for us. No matter what she goes through she will be always standing with her child. A mother is a mother    

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