New CM for Sikkim

New CM for Sikkim

The Voters in Sikkim keep close the integrity of the Himalayan state, by once again keeping out the ‘outside parties.  

Golay, reason to smile! His SKM party has won both Assembly and the lone Sikkim Lok Sabha seat

The new Chief Minister will most probably be P S Golay, and the leader of the Opposition will most probably be Pawan Chamling.

Sikkim Krantikari Morcha (SKM) party is all set to form the new government in Sikkim by ending the era of 25 years old Sikkim Democratic Front (SDF) government in the State.

P S Golay led SKM party has won 17 from 32 seats State Assembly in this election and got the majority to form the government. Pawan Chamling led SDF party got 15 seats in this election.

Lok Sabha: SKM wins, BJP gets a mere 1 percent!

BJP, largely supported by the trading community that have immigrated from the plains, was strongly rejected by the indigenous Sikkimese people. Observers say that the ‘puppet candidate’ put up by the party didn’t have a chance anyway. The Marwari and Bihari communities in Sikkim are often accused of trying to import political ideologies from the plains in an attempt to dilute the unique character of Sikkim.

Interestingly, SKM Lok Sabha candidate, Indra Hang Subba won the election with more than 12,000 margin votes against SDF candidate D B Katwal.  Indra Hang Subba got 1,66,922 votes, while SDF candidate DB Katwal got 1,54,489 votes and BJP candidate Laten Sherpa could only get a mere 16,572 votes.

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Back to Sikkim:

SKM had won 10 seats in the last Assembly election in 2014, but later seven of its MLAs defected to SDF party. By showing the improvement in this election, SKM party has won 17 seats and got the majority to form the government for the first time in the State.

SKM party has lost a few of its seats in East District but managed to win seats from West and South Districts this time to cover its loss.

SDF president, and outgoing Chief minister Pawan Chamling  emerged victorious from both Namchi-Singhithang and Poklok-Kamrang seats in South District. Likewise, a senior leader of SDF party, DT Lepcha also won both seats of Gnathang-Machong and Martam-Rumtek in East Sikkim and acting president of SKM party, Kunga Nima Lepcha also emerged victorious from both seats of Gangtok and Shyari in East Sikkim.

That means there will be by-polls for two seats held by SDF and one seat held by SKM.

Out of 12 constituencies in East Sikkim, SKM party won six seats and SDF got six seats. Likewise, out of three constituencies in North District, SKM got two seats and one was won by SDF party. SKM emerged victorious in six seats out of eight in West Sikkim and won two seats from South Sikkim out of eight seats. Sangha seat was also won by SKM candidate, Sonam Lama.

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Winning candidates in Sikkim assembly elections are-

West Sikkim-

Yuksam-Tashiding: Sangay Lepcha (SKM)

Yangthang: Bhim Hang Limboo (SKM)

Maneybong-Dentam: Narendra Kumar Subba (SDF)

Gyalshing Bermiok: Lok Nath Sharma (SKM)

Rinchenpong: Karma Sonam Lepcha (SDF)

Daramdin: Mingma Norbu Sherpa (SKM)

Soreng-Chakung: Aditya Golay (SKM)

Salghari Zoom: Sunita Gazmer (SKM)

South Sikkim-

Barfung: Tashi Thendup Bhutia (SDF)

Poklok Kamrang: Pawan Chamling (SDF)

Namchi-Singhithang: Pawan Chamling (SDF)

Melli: Farwanti Tamang (SDF)

Namthang-Rateypani: Sanjeet Kharel (SKM)

Temi Namphing: Bedu Singh Panth (SKM)

Rangang Yangang: Raj Kumari Thapa (SDF)

Tumin Lingee: Ugen T Gyatso Bhutia (SDF)

East Sikkim

Khamdong-Singtam: Dr Mani Kumar Sharma (SKM)

West Pendam: LB Das (SKM)

Rhenock: Bishnu Kumar Sharma (SKM)

Chujachen: Krishna Bahadur Rai (SDF)

Gnathang-Machong: Dorjee Tshering Lepcha (SDF)

Namcheybong: Em Prasad Sharma (SDF)

Shyari: Kunga Nima Lepcha (SKM)

Martam Rumtek: Dorjee Tshering Lepcha (SDF)

Upper Tadong: Gay Tshering Dhungel (SDF)

Arithang: Arun Upreti (SKM)

Gangtok: Kunga Nima Lepcha (SKM)

Upper Burtuk: Dilli Ram Thapa (SDF)

North Sikkim-

Kabi Lungchuk: Karma Loday Bhutia (SKM)

Dzongu: Pintso Namgyal Lepcha (SDF)

Lachen Mangan: Samdup Lepcha (SKM)


Sangha Seat: Sonam Tshering Lama (SKM)

2 Responses to "New CM for Sikkim"

  1. Sarita Pradhan   May 25, 2019 at 2:35 pm

    I will say that the young people of Sikkim are very much aware of their Sikkimese identity. They will not sell it to plains wallas. Already we lost our country because of India congress party politics and games. We must beware of political games. Better to be Sikkimese and vote for Sikkimese

  2. Danny Wong   May 25, 2019 at 9:01 am

    Just to remind Sikkimese Friends, the late Nar BahadurBhandari, also Sikkim CM for over 15 years warned us that if we allow the plains parties to come and make Sikkim their playground, they will bring with them the filthy politics of caste, jaat-paat, religion and so on and destroy our Sikkimese identity.