Streams of emotions:last day of college

Streams of emotions:last day of college

The most adventurous part of any students’ life is college life. Bunking lectures to hangout with friends, giving weird names to teachers and friends, kicking up a ruckus in the canteen, singing the “good morning song” for our HOD, proxy attendance for friends and what not……with the struggle to maintain 75% attendance and to meet the deadlines of assignments and presentations and passing in the exams. A student has his own world inside the college gate, a world of his own fantasy and reality; his second home.

End of college life brings monotony in life; it’s mixtures of emotions; happiness, sadness and a feeling of being mature. “The Last day of college” sounds heavy on the heart, but as it is said everything has to come at an end, more precisely last day can be called the memory making day, when we try to encapsulate our journey of years in one day to cherish them forever.

How annoyed we used to feel every morning, waking up to reach college on time, pleading teachers to give attendance when we get late, requesting and bribing others to make our assignments, complaining about canteen food still eating it every day and the “udhar khata” in the canteen remains constant. Our boring daily routine by which we used to get annoyed, bring emptiness in our life when we have to no longer follow that routine.

Yesterday marking the last day my college life; we click lots of pictures with friends and teachers, scribble our love and thoughts on each other shirts to preserve them as memories forever, promised each other to stay in touch. Walking down the memory lane we may not remember each day of our college but the first memory that will come flashing in our mind is of how crazy and emotional we went on the last college day.

College not only educates us but is a place where we get another family in our friends and lessons for life. It’s a roller coaster ride for us that prepare us to face the world outside both on professional and personal fronts.

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