Opposing job reservation? Just Jealousy!

Opposing job reservation? Just Jealousy!


Glancing through what appears to be a letter written by a ‘fellow’ media student named Preeti Dayal, I would like to put forward the following points.

Her arguments are fundamentally flawed and out of whack. I took out a calculator and did some basic adding up of the percentages she has mentioned. 15 +7.5+ 27 = a total of 49.5 percent job reservations for 66.6 percent of India’s population. That leaves approximately 33.4 percent of the ‘high caste’ or ‘no caste’ or ‘general’ population with a scope to hog 50.5 percent of the government jobs! These your own figures, Ms Dayal. Please refer to your letter (click link)

Busted! Ms Preeti and others like her who like to put forward such arguments. Why do these privileged chaps cry so loudly against so called ‘reservation’ or quota ? You only form 30 percent of the population and yet you have 50 percent of the jobs left open for you?Now which ‘castes’ are trying to fool the people?

As a final year media student from St Xavier’s College, no doubt it must be one of Patna’s well known institutions, Ms Dayal needs to use her journalistic skills. But is she blinded by her own caste prejudices?

Of the almost 67 percent of the so-called disadvantaged castes or low castes, whom you want to compete with you on your unequal playing field, what percentage of them hold respectable and high paying jobs? We very well know that government is shrinking away from providing jobs and handing things over bit by bit to the private sector.

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Let’s get real. For centuries the so-called higher castes brahmins, kshatriyas, baniyas etc have hogged all the education, power and wealth.

The plain fact is this. Please take note high caste ‘reservation opposers’. You cannot fathom how we forest dwellers, labourers, and we ‘low caste’ people whose ancestors whose skills and hard work actually built the roads, the palaces, the temples, and the ancient ruins (that you always give your ancestors the credit for building) are demanding to have equal rights and social justice.

And some of you high born chaps can’t stand it that some of us ‘junglees’ are getting pretty good at playing your own games of social engineering, and have actually begun wresting social and political power in some places.

My request to a fellow media student from Bihar. Live up to your chosen field. Analyse facts, not fake news. And stop crying wolf just out of jealousy and frustration.

Yours Truly,

Mariam Longkumer, 3rd Semester, BJMC, Sikkim Manipal University, Proud Northeastern Tribal.

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  1. Morris Robbins   June 22, 2019 at 10:23 pm

    Well articulated.
    You have good debating skills.
    The social justice system in India has its own flaws , but I must say your reasoning is spot on!


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