The total population of India is approximately 1.35 billion. In which 16.6% of population (26 crore) belong to the Scheduled Caste category , and they are given 15% reservation of jobs in the government sector. 

9% percent of the population belong to Scheduled Tribes (11.7 crore) and they are given 7.5% reservation of jobs in government sector.

41% of the population (53.3 crore) belong to Other Backward Castes with 27% of reservation in government sector. 30% are general category (39 crore) and they are unreserved in government sector.

There is 10%job reservation for Economically Weaker Sections (EWS) from the ‘general category’ and people who have below 8 lakh income annually can be benefited from this policy. It mainly focuses on financially weaker people.

Reservation consider as good initiative by government because it help to increase the quality of life of citizen of country. But it became bitter for citizen why? Because ‘it work on caste based reservation rather than class based reservation.’

Government have to focus on the people who cannot afford anything or who are financially weak then government can help them to get rid of financial problem whichever category that person belong from. But they are not focus on it and they are helpingthose people who are belong to backward caste , government do not look on the economic condition of people.

There are many families who are belong to backward caste but  they can afford higher education or higher jobs and on the other hand there is forward caste people also who can’t afford these facilities.

If government continuously doing their work on caste based reservation then they can make backward caste people dependent on government for everything, they don’t need to do any hard work for getting jobs or admission in educational institutions because in these sector backward class people have to score less marks in comparison to forward class.

Yours truly

Preeti Dayal, 3rd year, BMC St Xavier’s College of Mgmt & Tech., Patna


  1. Sukhbir Singh   June 24, 2019 at 12:37 pm

    Preeti Dayal your thoughts are not pretty.
    What do you mean by saying that backward caste people don’t need to do hard work?
    Do you mean that only forward caste people are hardworking?
    Shame on you!
    Do you not realize that for a poor Dalit to go to school it is four times more difficult than for forward caste?

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