World Music Day

World Music Day

Today is world music day on 21st June  2019. By listening to music  what comes to mind first is relief, and entertainment. The first ever music day took  place in 1982 in Paris  as the fete de la musique.

The World Music Day 2019 is being celebrated in 700 cities across 120 countries like India ,China , Germany, Italy, Greece, Russia, Australia, Peru, Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico, Canada, The United States & more.

Music is an art, like the other arts, and touches the soul. Music can change our mood instantly. 

On the day of world music day musicians of all ages  and from all genres gather and perform together.

The world music day  aims to encourage both amateur and professional musicians to perform on street.

According  to research suggest that the 40% of our walking time listing to music actively or passively and it effect our emotion 60% of time listing to it. Music is also good therphy.

 Former RJ Neerja Lal said music is part of life ,relaxation ,enjoyment. For every generation is have own kind of music that people enjoyed. I liked the melody most. Now a day music lyrics doesn’t make  any sense to me. But still today’s some music is really good even some rap music is really good. But still I don’t like violent music .

World music is   celebrated  by all over the world of  every country for every  language. Its is the world music day for every country .

Shivani Jha

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