Control population: Ensure the Survival of Environment

Control population: Ensure the Survival of Environment


The quote “Instead of controlling the environment for the benefit the population, may be we should control the population to ensure the survival of our environment” was given by Sir David Attenborough an English broadcaster and natural historian is absolutely relevant in this scenario.

We all want to have clean environment, fresh air, pure and safe water etc. but we hardly think about the increasing population.  We all want to eradicate poverty, have employment and educated, high quality of life style and developed nation, etc. but are we doing something to control population?

The increasing population has become a major concern for all of us. There are various reasons behinds the increasing population among them one of the major reasons is lack of education and awareness. People here in India are not getting proper information and education. The other major reasons are lack of family planning, high birth rate and low death rate, lack of sex education, some cultural myths (some people believe that it is mandatory for a couple to have their own child after marriage) etc.

We need to understand that the increasing population and all the other problems that we face such as scarcity of water, polluted air , lack of resources, unemployment  are interrelated with each other. So, if we control the population growth then we will also minimize the usage of the other natural resources hence saving our environment.

Realizing the importance of this day in year 1989 UN announced 11th July as ‘World population day’ to create awareness among people about cause, effects and consequences of high and low population growth. People celebrate this day through various activities like seminars, speeches, essays and drawing competition, posters, debates, press conferences etc.

The main aim of this day is to spread awareness to control the population growth. It also focuses on the young boys and girls to avoid unwanted sexual relationships which leads to unwanted pregnancy and to give proper education on sex to them. So, it is important for all to know the effects of increasing population and should try to control it.

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