Host of problems along with Monsoon shower

Host of problems along with Monsoon shower


 Monsoon rain has not brought only relief but a host of problems in the lives of people such as water logging, various waterborne diseases and snake bites.

The most common waterborne disease in the rainy season is dengue, malaria, hepatitis, and skin infection. The skin infection is also cause by increasing of water logging on roads and near residential premises.  People should maintain hygiene near their surroundings and should not dump garbage anywhere as it may increase the growth of flies and mosquitoes.

According to health experts, open drain and stagnant water give open invitation to waterborne diseases. People should take precaution by using mosquito net coils to remain safe.

Another major concern in the monsoon season is snake bite. There are many cases of snake bite deaths in this season. Since many people especially the poor who usually sleep on the floor because they are unable to afford cots are the victims of snake bites.

 The experts of Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education& Research say a simple mosquito net can save many live of snakebite victims and simple precaution like sleeping on a cot( snake are not able to climb) will keep the reptiles  away.

So, monsoon is the season to enjoy the showers and take precautions and maintain hygiene to be fit and healthy.

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