Tarumitra celebrates Van Mahotsav

Tarumitra celebrates Van Mahotsav


On 1st of July the celebration of Van Mahotsav began in Tarumitra with a series of songs and dance at 2:30 pm.

Leaves rustling to the beautiful music of wind blowing between them. The high branches forming a dense canopy were stopping the sunlight to fall on the guests of Van Mahotsav. The spirit of the celebration was uplifted with the perfectly enticing environment of Taru Mitra. Taru Mitra, the lungs of Patna, has come to acknowledge the indebtedness of our mother Earth. With the onset of monsoon this is an effort made to teach the young generation to safeguard the jungles and the trees.

A stage was placed under a tree and the guests were sitting in a semi-circle facing the stage. As the time approached 2:30 pm, the program began in the hands of Taru Mitra spokesperson Devopriya Dutta. Devopriya introduced the guests with the Fairy Tree of Taru Mitra , the Kaamroop. Kashika, the youngest guest and daughter of Pallavi Vishwas Nayan did aarti of the Kaamroop tree, which was sown 30 years ago. After this the Pallavi Vishwas (the kala netri herself) held the audience spellbind by her enchanting dance. The domain of the Taru Mitra was then bewitched by song Aisa Desh Hai Mera  sung by Anamika Prakash, butterfly of Notre Dame Academy. Also a beautiful dance performance was given by Shreya on Barse Boondan Boondan song.

Then  a small group of people dressed in yellow and pink clothes came forward. These people were Swabhiman Group, came from Hajipur to present a Nukkad Natak on Bhagwan Ki Den. The play was beautifully performed by the artist hitting on the orthodox mentality of people. The play was written to aware the public that only two children are good and enough (bachhe do hi ache) and more children are not beneficial in any aspect. This play gathered all the applause. At the end they gave on slogan. “Bache Do hi Achhe/Siksha Sabse Achha.

“We are born with 3 debts on us (Pitririn, Rishirin and Devrin). But Devrin is most important, we are in debt by our trees, rivers, mountains and everything that we get for free from our nature “wise words share by Notre Dame Academy teacher and a visiting faculty of A.N College Ms  Bhavna Shekhar”.

Mr. Frank Krishner announced the pride Parade of LGBTIQH on non binary day. He encouraged everyone to be a part of this parade, on 14th July as it will be a parade for all kinds of existence an acceptance for these lives. He also said while the social media is filled with appeals for water harvesting, In reality, no building or bridge is being built in Patna with water harvesting capability. And then series of beautiful songs and the dark grey clouds accompanied them. The whole environment created and inexplicable feel.

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Tanya Trivedi

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