Birds of a Feather

Birds of a Feather

“Your smile is my identity, your happiness is my pride, nothing is in my life without you, just your friendship is my life” this quote was energetically, happily and with joy shouted by Saloni Rani, the student of Patna Women’s college for her best friend. She also added that friend is very important for everyone and a precious gift of life. They are the one who always walks beside you.

Friendship day is celebrated everywhere with great joy and happiness in all ages of life. On this day people give most of their time to their friends and celebrate it in their own different ways such as through parties, greeting cards, friendship messages, friendship bands etc.

 Recently international friendship day was celebrated on 30th July but at the national level the day is celebrated on first Sunday of August. The exact reason for the celebration of this day is not clear but need was felt after the First World War to dissolve mistrust, hatred and enmity which happened due to it.

Sumit Sawant of Rajendra Nagar said “Friendship does not only exist with human being.  A person can do friendship with their pets also such as dogs, cats, rabbits, parrots etc. it is not bounded by any age limit. Friendship can be between father and son, grandfather and grandson, daughter and mother etc. It is a relation which we build with our own willingness.”

Nutan Sinha (49) who is a teacher of Litera Valley school said, “Today whenever I think about my friends then I forget the present for a moment. We always used to play ‘Antakshri’ on the terrace of the college and there were monkeys in the college which always used to take almonds from our hands which was very interesting. I really miss those moments”.

Friendship is coming from past and when we talk about friendship day then at my time we were not aware of this day. Friendship was a feeling for us. Now in modern age, people are very busy they don’t have so much time so they don’t understand the importance of this relationship that’s why today we have friendship day so, that at least one day people can take out their time friends and remember all friends and their importance in the life, she added.

Different people have their own thinking about Friendship day. Aakanksha Rani who is a student of Magadh Mahila College said, “Every day is a friendship day for those who are good friends but friendship day is a specific day when we dedicate our entire day to our friends, spends time with them and make memories”. I celebrate this day by cutting cake with all friends with great joy, she added.

On the other side Kajal Singh student of St. Xavier’s college said “For me every day is like friendship day but friendship day is a special day because on this day we can convince those friends who are angry with us and who have gone away from us”. I celebrate this day by sharing chocolates and tying friendship bands on wrist, she added.

So, all the people have their own meaning and thinking about friendship day. Every year this is most awaited day for the students of schools and colleges. They celebrate it with great gladness and joy. True friendship is a feeling of love, sharing and caring. Friendship is beyond the boundaries of castes, religion, colour, sex etc.

Preeti Dayal