Military training makes Better Citizens

Military training makes Better Citizens


15th of August is a big day for our country. This is the day we got Independence, the day celebrated by every Indian.

Today we can see the feeling of patriotism everywhere, this day we express our feeling of joy that how much we are proud of being Indian which is absolutely fine, According to the article 19, the Constitution of India gives the right to its all the citizen to exercise their freedom of expression, and there is nothing wrong in celebrating freedom.

But my question is, what about the Article 51A which talks about the Fundamental Duties of every individual for the country?
It’s is unfortunate that, though we are having the 1.3 billion of population but still we are unable to generate good human capital for our country, so where do we lack and how  can we solve this problem?
According to me, compulsory Military training program for 1 year will help our country to generate more human capital for our country. Well, if we take the example of some countries like Israel, Sweden, Turkey, France, S.Korea and Russia we will find, these countries are in the list of 1st world countries and have mandatory Military training policy for its citizens.

The military training not only will make a nation’s defensive capabilities strong but also teach people about their responsibilities for their country and to exercise their fundamental duties(Article 51A).

The Army teaches you the skill of time management, leadership, team work and lot more which will also help you to sustain in cooperate world. If we compare the citizens of the countries have mandatory Military training policy with the countries who don’t. It is found, citizens of the countries have compulsory Military training are more responsible.
Army not only teaches you the skills but it also nourishes your intent and return you into a gentleman armed with valour and wisdom, its gives you a motto in life “Service before Self”.
In my opinion the Mandatory Military training policy should also be implemented in our country. This policy will be beneficial for both, for the country and as well as for the people. Country will get more human capital and on the other hand people will get knowledge, skills and some of valuable life lesson, which no other organization may teach them.
Happy Independence day.

Jai Hind

Akash Francis, 5th Semester BMC, St. Xavier’s College of Mgmt & tech; Patna

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