Joy over piped gas in Patna

Joy over piped gas in Patna

Patna folks can bid goodbye to lugging bulky LPG cylinders that used to be a part of the monthly chores. Patna is saying hello to the amenity of piped natural gas! People will soon be relieved of the hassle of keeping gas cylinders at home and booking the cylinders.

The Gas Authority of India Limited (GAIL) has launched piped natural gas (PNG) for house and compressed natural gas (CNG) for transport sector in Patna.

Like water, LPG will also be delivered through pipeline and gas meter will be installed in all the houses. Like an electricity bill, the consumers will have to pay according to the meter.

A resident of Gola Road, Kriti Jha feels that rate will be cheaper than the current gas price, as well as environment friendly. “This supply of Piped natural gas (PNG) is completely safe with no possibility of any kind of accident,” she said.

According to Nitu Singh , a teacher, a gas pipeline is very important especially in multi-story building. She said that in her life she has faced a lot of difficulty in cooking. But after the installation of piped natural gas she is very happy that now she will get rid of the mess of cylinders and regulators.