Now, e-solutions for the legal system: Mind your Language!

Now, e-solutions for the legal system: Mind your Language!

IIT Patna is part of an effort to make court documents available in the vernacular languages of India, including Maithili and Bhojpuri.

In recent times Artificial Intelligence(AI) has been implemented in various industries as robotic concepts in hotels to automated entertainment or cell phones. It has shaped many industries. For a long time the Indian legal sector has not seen any progress in terms of technology and innovation. It seems stuck on its methods and solutions that were designed years ago.  

But finally some development has started to take place. From e-discovery solutions to automation to contract drafting, trademark discovery, various legal tech startups have emerged to improve the life of a lawyer or firm.

Some startups based on Artificial Research Capabilities like SpotDraft, Case Mine, NearLaw, Pensieve, Practice League are fast rising in legal field and they also have their own research labs.

Recently an AI ​​Research Committee has been set up by the Government of India to allow people to read court documents in their mother tongue. Now people can read court-written documents in 24 regional languages ​​with the help of Artificial Intelligence. It will be implemented from the Supreme Court to the Lower Court.

Professor Pushpak Bhattacharya, Director, IIT Patna, has been appointed as the Chairman of the AI ​​Research Committee constituted by the Government of India.

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C-DAC Pune and IIT Patna have developed a system for translating documents in Maithili, Bhojpuri (included in the 8th Schedule of the Constitution) and 22 different languages.

It has been successfully tested at various levels.  It will also reduce the time taken for decision due to documents in different languages.

Tanya Trivedi