Smart city, smarter students?

Smart city, smarter students?

The students of Patna University will soon be aided by the work of Patna Smart City Limited (PSCL). The students will get more facilities under its projects. According to the earlier news, under the smart city mission government would spend money on the reconstruction of drainage system, water supplies, railway station, slum areas etc.

But now Patna Smart City Limited has taken decision to do smart work also for the students by developing facilities at the colleges and universities.

The projects under Patna Smart City Limited (PSCL) are construction of a Ganga Research centre at Collectorate  Ghat, a new library near NIT Mor, Patna college gym and dutch cafeteria etc, which will provide benefits to the students as per the news.

According to local news, PU vice – chancellor Rash Bihari Prasad Singh told TOI students that they would have access to free internet connection at the cafeteria and library, he also thanked PSCL for making walls of University more beautiful by making Madhubani paintings.

Some students also have opinion about this project such as, Soni Kumari (student) said,” it is a good decision by PSCL because it is beneficial for the students , but it will be more impressive if PSCL will work for other university’s students because others also need these facilities”.

On the other side, Rashmi Kumari (student) said,” Nowadays every student needs internet connection it has became one of the major priority so, if students will get internet at library and cafeteria then it will be easy to search about anything whenever they needed”.  

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Preeti Dayal