Tree- friendly ‘Saawan Mahotsav’ in Patna

Tree- friendly ‘Saawan Mahotsav’ in Patna

On 14th August (Wednesday) at 4PM all arrangements were in place and everyone was ready to celebrate “Saawan Mahotsav” at Taru Mitra bio reserve. It was peaceful and green and gentle winds were blowing. Whoever was present looked excited and delighted for the celebration. The theme of Saawan Mahotsav was “Rain water conservation”.

The program was started by spokesperson of Tarumitra Devopriya who spoke about how Taru mitra conserves rainwater in a unique way and the benefits of that. Then she welcomed and thanked all the guests.

The programs that followed were a beautiful performance by the girls of ‘Naari Gunjan’ and cheerful dance by the kids of ‘Disha rehabilitation center’. The theatre club of Xavier’s college was also present with their Nukkad natak on the topic ‘Save tree, save life’ which was very attractive.

Green ladies posing for a picture at Mahotsav

Then the dance performance was given by cultural artist Pallavi Biswas and her daughter Kashika  and after that musician Avinaya Kasheenath spellbound all of us by playing flute.

The members of the  ‘Inner wheel club’ of Patna were also present and wanted to give a message to society to plant more trees. They said “The program of Taru mitra was really good and in a very unique way and Taru mitra is itself a unique place”. The Saawan Mahotsav  was unique, new and appreciable, they added.  

One of the members of inner wheel club Reena said that she enjoyed the whole program and she visited in Tarumitra earlier on the occasion of ‘organic rice plantation’.

The girls of Naari Gunjan were with full of energy and they wanted to give message that not to pollute environment, stop using Plastics, don’t cut trees, reduce voice pollution etc. for the betterment of future.  One of girls of Naari Gunjan, Poonam said that she enjoyed the performance  by Naari Gunjan and kids of Disha.

Avinaya Kasheenath said that ‘Shravan’ is a month of nature so its good to celebrate its Mahotsav in the lap of nature instead of in any restaurant. He also wanted to give message to save nature and slow down the usage of AC and drinking water of RO because it is unhealthy for humans and he appreciated Tarumitra  for organising different types and unique celebration of events.

Devopriya said that every season has its own taste and way to enjoy it. She also added that we should conserve rain water, as we know that the whole world is facing global warming and we have aim to celebrate seasonal events which can accordance with nature in a new way that is why we tried to organize always a eco friendly events.

Lastly the whole celebration was ended by enjoining and dancing under artificial rain water with colorful Umbrellas which looked very beautiful. That celebration also has given a serious and beneficial message to all people to conserve rain water for healthy life in future.

 Preeti Dayal