We are a stressed-out generation

We are a stressed-out generation

Believe it or not, we are the generation of a broken heart and anxious minds. The more we are advancing towards technological development, the more we are becoming isolated from the society. Mind you, I am not talking about the virtual society that we have formed on social media. The real society that we have abstained from so long.

Here I would like to narrate a short story to put more emphasis on the subject. I am living on the top floor of XYZ apartment and a new neighbor has moved to an adjacent flat 5 months ago. But we never had any conversation except the introduction part that we had at the very beginning of their accommodation.

Surprisingly, we are so engaged in our lives that we don’t have time to sit with our parents. The fascinating handsets have become our life and it seems the world moves around it. I don’t remember when was the last time me and my parents had a conversation genuinely.

We need to get rid of this habit of relentlessly operating the cell phones and spare some time for our loved ones. Undoubtedly we cannot get away with it completely but limiting its usage would have far-reaching effects in our lives. The mobile phone has become our lives. Earlier, kids used to play out with other children but now parent’s out of time constraint provide them with tabs, phones or other gadgets at a very tender age.

According to a survey by “e-Marketer”, India has 800 million mobile phone users in 2019, which is quite a big number. On average, adult consumers spent 3 hours 30 min on digital platforms. It is ironical that we spend a number of hours on social media or other digital platforms but seldom spent a few minutes genuinely talking with our family.

yours truly,
SHIVANI JHA , BMC 5th Semester, St xavier’s College of Mgmt and Tech, Patna