Book on Doms’ life launched at Gandhi Sangrahalay

Book on Doms’ life launched at Gandhi Sangrahalay

Only a bibliophile understands what book means to them. A program of book launch was organized by Xavier’s Institute of Social Research in Gandhi Sangrahalay ,Patna for the launch of the book “Bihar Ke Dom: Jeevan Sangharsh, Shamshaan se Sadak tak” by Hasan Imam.

Hasan Imam said,  the title of this book “Bihar Ke Dom: Jeevan Sangharsh, Shamshaan se Sadak tak” basically reflects  the life of ‘Doms’ of Bihar and the untouchability.

“We are living in 21st century and we still believe in different kinds of stereotypes and untouchability. In Hindu religion, we believe that firing a dead body could only be done by a ‘Dom’ then only the soul gets heaven, and on the other hand outside the cemetery we treat them as untouchables.

The Chief guest of the program Mr. Vyasji(novelist and scholar)  and Shree Prem Kumar Mani (literary critic) also shared their views regarding the book and said that this custom of untouchability is present from years in our society and we the common people are also as much responsible as the government and no one knows when it will end.

Director of Xavier’s Institute of Social Research, Fr. Dr. Jose Kalapura talked about Xavier’s Institute of Social Research and its achievements.

He said, “This research institute has been established in Bihar on September 10th 2007 and has been aiming at creating an interface between scholars, academics and activists and initiating a process of social awakening”. He added that there are more than 15000 books and one can do study and buy also. 

Mr. Vyasji, novelist, Hasan Imam and Shree Prem Kumar Mani, literary critic were the chief guests of the program.  Other main guest included principal Fr. Dr. T Nishaant and vice principal Fr. Martin Porous  of St. Xavier’s  college of Management and Technology, Patna, book writer Shree Ram Prasad Das , Co- Publisher Shree Nand Kishore Singh and  Fr. Rector Joseph Sebastian from St. Xavier’s high school, Patna were present there.

Aastha Kashyap

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