Hike in Vegetables price in Patna

Hike in Vegetables price in Patna

After the heavy rainfall and flood like situation, common people in Patna are now facing with another problem, which is hike in vegetable price. For the poor the situation has become even worse as they don’t have enough money to buy their daily bread.

 Hike in vegetables price is something we cannot ignore because it is affecting every individual. It is making holes in the pockets of people.

 A vegetable vendor Mohan said “Due to the floods, the rate of vegetables has increased. Earlier, I used to sell more but because of the price hike the sale has gone down.”  

Sohan, a vegetable vendor from Boring Road  said “Flood has destroyed most of the vegetables so whatever is left we are getting it at higher prices therefore we are also selling our vegetables to customers at higher prices”

Shayam one of the truck drivers said that “Due to heavy rainfall I was unable to drive my truck, so, the reach of vegetables to the local vendor were limited.

Another truck driver said that because of flood in other states, transportation of vegetables was affected. The flood outside the state is another reason for the rise in price. This hike has affected both the vendors and the customers across the city.

A buyer, Sheetal from Rajapul said “I used to buy 2kg cauliflower but now I could only buy 1kg, the prices have doubled as compared to past.”

Rajat, one of the owner at local hotel said “Increase in vegetable price made me confuse whether to shut down the hotel or not as I don’t have much money to buy costly vegetables.”

Due to the high price, vegetables are being cooked in limited amount in my hotel, he added.

The festival season has also been a reason in hike as the demand of the vegetables has increased and the supply is limited. Earlier, the government had imposed a ban on the export of onions to curb and bring down its price in the domestic market. For common people this festive season has become bit hard.

Subia Fakhra

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