Making a difference for Men and Boys

Making a difference for Men and Boys


We have always seen that every year on Women’s Day, Girl child Day etc, the entire newspaper, TV and social media is full of dedicated contents. The Indian market empowers women on almost every aspect. They are working on gender equality but while trying to do justice with women they even don’t realize that they have started doing injustice to men.

According to Global Study men face more discrimination worldwide than women do but the problem is that it goes unrecognized. Men are always seen as powerful, protective, studly and tough. I think therefore people ignore the half population (male) and even don’t remember the day dedicated to them.

Yes, I am talking about International Men’s Day.   Have you heard about it? May be some of you have heard but not paid attention to it. Actually we are so much engrossed in feminism that we almost neglect the rights and needs of men.

There are several issues of men such as from the childhood people say as a boy you are not suppose to cry. This sentence means a lot that we people don’t allow them to show their emotions. We make them heartless and aggressive.  

The males have the entire burden of the family from the starting itself they are so much into pressure for looking after the family, greater male wages are necessary for family formation. 

In spite of having same qualification female are preferred over male, in case of any crime severe punishment is given to men as compared to women.

All most all the government policies are for the girls and females discriminating towards males. Many will laugh but men face more domestic violence than women. Most of the time female take away all the sympathy and men are blamed for the issue.

We need to understand that for the development of the country. We need to pay attention for both the males and females. We need to broaden our minds for holistic growth.

Yours truly

Seema Kumari

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