Shivaji was secular, not Anti-Muslim

Shivaji was secular, not Anti-Muslim

I wonder what is not clear about the CAB (Citizenship Amendment Bill) that makes it so confusing for you. The CAB in its current form discriminates against the Muslims from the word GO.

A refugee is a refugee, who is seeking a better life in our country because of persecution in his own.

How does it matter what religion he belongs to?

Article 14 and 15 of our constitution clearly mandates that every person be given the same treatment irrespective of what religion he belongs to. What is not clear about this?

The CAB once clubbed with the NRC will play as one of the biggest discriminatory measures to throw the residents of our country of ONE COMMUNITY into the shiny new detention centers being built….. One of them is being built in New Bombay in your own State….. What is so unclear about that?

You say that you are inspired by Shivaji Maharaj and that you and your party have pledged to follow on his footsteps.

So when did Shivaji Maharaj discriminate against the Muslims even while he was fighting for Swarajya against the Mughals?

Have you forgotten the names of Darya Sarang, Haider Ali Kohari, Siddhi Ibrahim Khan, Siddhi Hilal and his son? Or are those names unclear to you on the pages of history?

Did you not read the story of 700 Pathans joining Shivaji’s army after quitting away from Adilshah and Maharaj welcoming them with open arms?

Isn’t Shivaji Maharaj hailed in Maharashtra as one of the most secular Kings under whose rule, people of all religions thrived and prospered and vowed to bring in Swarajya together???

If you have indeed followed the ideals set by Shivaji Maharaj then this simple idea of secularism should not be so unclear to you.

And the people of Maharashtra have always been proud of this religious diversity.

We have eaten in the same plates as our Muslim friends, they have played Holi with us and we have done our best to support them when they keep Rozas.

And this was right from the time when the idea of Swarajya was formed…..way before the idea of India came into being… idea formulated by your ideological mentor….. Shivaji Maharaj.

Now, maybe it doesn’t matter, how you vote tomorrow in the RS. Maybe the CAB will pass anyways but what would be more important is to know if you would stand up and be counted.

In the end, even Shivaji did not win, he died before the final war ended. It was much later that the Great Maratha Empire reached the throne of Delhi…… But do you know why we love and remember Shivaji Maharaj more than anyone else…… Because he stood up and was counted for the stand he took.

What now remains to be seen is…… Will you do the same? Will you follow the path of justice and equality taught by Shivaji Maharaj OR have you forgotten what he stood for?

Disclaimer: Not all battles are fought to be won, some battles you fight even if you know you will lose, just to be counted….. Just to have fought for on the right side.

Opinion by : Darshan Mondkar, published in National Herald submitted by Dev Brahma, Guwahati

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