Register your Drone now or face the music!

Register your Drone now or face the music!

All of you ‘video’ enthusiasts who have brought your flying cameras online and elsewhere. Wake up! You have an ‘illegal’ drone.

The Indian Aviation Ministry have announced that registration of all drones in the country is mandatory. The ministry has given January 31, 2020 as deadline for the users to register their drones.

Every drone is to be provided with a Unique Identification Number (UNI) under the scheme. Government of India has opened an online portal called “digital sky” for the users to register their drones. Upon the registration, the users will be provided with UIN, Unmanned Aircraft Operator Limit (UAOP), ownership acknowledgement number and drone acknowledgement number

The drone owners failing to register their drones will face actions under the Aircraft act, 1934 and Indian Penal code. The aircraft act governs aviation in India.

According to the FICCI committee on drones, there are 50,000 to 60,000 ‘illegal’ drones in India. Also, the latest drone tragedies across the world have forced the Government of India to hasten its actions towards regulation of drone.

In December 2018, the world’s second busiest airport, the Heathrow airport remained closed for 3 days after multiple rogue drones were seen flying over the perimeter. Around 1000 flights were cancelled. Major General Soleimani was killed by the US military drone fired missile in Baghdad airport in January 2020.

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