Voices of the people: how to deal with overcrowding on trains? Please write your comments and add to the debate- Editor

In every long distance train reservation ticket holder passengers suffer from entry and forcible occupation of reserved seats at various locations and stages of long journey, by “Daily Passengers” commuting between their homes and Offices.

Railway officials know about it but do not take any action as they are afraid of the group/crowd action. Railway official MUST enforce ALL RULES for convenience of authorised passengers and give all necessary protection/ support to the staff to take appropriate action.

Secondly, It is necessary to look for convenience of rural population also as they generally travel short distances only and there should be enough nuimber of suitable trains so that long distance passengers are not put to avoidable inconvenience.

Further for people who have sudden/emergency requirement to travel and people who do not have resources to pay for reserved ticket travel, there should be reasonable number of carriages available in every train. In my opinion this is being done by the authorities.

Ramesh Kutumbe

It is impracticable to desire to do away with general compartments in Indian railways in a country like ours.

Moreover, what about the rural populace and those travel for short distance.

Do you expect that the people who cover only a few stations should also board a train with reserved tickets? If it is so, this will certainly deprive the passengers of long distance from getting a confirmed ticket.

Further, the standing passengers are the real source for any kind of transport for profit generation at existing fare structures and inability to meet the demands leaves with no choice but to allow the passengers to travel even without a seat.

With the existing available infrastructure, it may not be possible for railways to introduce new trains as per our demands and the existing condition is likely to continue for many more years to come.

Ranjit Biswas


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