Rohingya Terrorists attack Christians in Cox Bazaar

Rohingya Terrorists attack Christians in Cox Bazaar

To all those bleeding heart ‘liberal’ Christian ‘activists’ demonstrating against the NRC in India and demanding that Rohingya Muslims should be included in the list of persecuted refugees, here’s a wake up call.

Ever heard of the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army militants? they are so-called Jihadists. Right inside the Bangladesh refugee camps. These creeps are burning Christian homes and torturing Christians Refugees in Bangladesh’s Cox Bazaar. Along with the refugees fleeing Burma, there is a huge presence of Islamic militants.

The Italian news site AsiaNews reported that, in Cox Bazaar Bangladesh, about 400 Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army militants destroyed the church and 25 Christian homes. They harassed women and girls; elders were beaten. “We are Christians from birth. We ask to be recognized as such “. Pope Francis visiting in Bangladesh met refugees, but the Rohingya Christians said ” we were not invited”.

Asia News reports that a Christian family was kidnapped in the Kutupalong refugee camp in the Cox’s Bazar district, and an underage daughter was forced to marry and convert to Islam.

Savel Islam Peter, one of the Rohingya Christian refugees attacked last week by Arsa militants (Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army) in the refugee camp, spoke with the news agency. The kidnapping, he says, occurred the day after the attack on the camp on January 27th. The family, Saiful says, “was kidnapped for the faith. We are persecuted because we are Christians ”.

Christian homes destroyed by Rohingya Terrorists

Saiful is a Protestant member of the Bethel Church Rohingya Christian Fellowship. He reports that the people kidnapped are: Taher, 55, his wife Kurshida, 32, and his daughters Mizan, 14, and Mariam, 8. Two days ago, he adds, “a Muslim neighbor told us that Mizan was forced to marry an Islamic extremist who lives near Nowkar camp, while there is no news of the rest of the family “.

He is hospitalized in a district mission hospital because of the injuries sustained during the attack. He was attacked because he filmed the homes of burning Christians on video. The Bangladesh police indicted him for filming the demolished houses. He said that “about 200 people from Arsa came to visit us carrying guns, knives, swords and iron bars”.

At the moment, the families have been transferred to a UN camp. To those who question the presence of ARSA militants in the refugee camp, Saiful replies: “They really exist. We have photos showing militant leaders carrying guns and knives. Many Rohingya Muslims detest them and I am sure they would be ready to testify that the members of ARSA are there. “

Now, the point is: It’s better to get all the information before going off half-cocked and protesting about things you know little about. If the government of India has made a decision not to include Rohingya Muslims in the ‘displaced persons mix’, it is with good reason.

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