13 new deaths, 18 percent citizens re-infected with Covid-19

India has reported 2374 new Covid cases today taking the total number of active Covid cases to 81687, 0.19 per cent higher. 13 new deaths have been reported today taking the death toll 1.2 per cent higher at 524903.

Official figures from Delhi on Monday stood at 1,060 new Covid cases in a day and six deaths, the highest in around four months, and a positivity rate of 10.09 per cent, the highest since January 24 when the figure was 11.8 per cent.

The country has reported a spike in Covid cases in the last few weeks. The experts said that there was no need to panic as the number of coronavirus patients getting hospitalized was lower. But every individual should exercise caution and follow all safety norms.

Amidst this an NGO claims that 18 percent citizens have been re-infected by COVID-19 virus in the last six months.

A health NGO LocalCircles has conducted a survey to understand the spread of the COVID-19 infection, and it claimed that 18 per cent of the people who participated in the survey have had one or more individuals from who got re-infected with the virus in the last six months. Over 35000 people sent their responses to the NGO from several districts in India, 67 respondents were men, while 33 per cent were women.

The first question in the survey asked citizens ‘How many individuals in your family (including yourself) do you have who have been infected with COVID-19 twice in the last 180 days?’ This question received 12,381 responses, the NGO said.

2 per cent respondents said that “five or more individuals” in their families got re-infected with Covid in the last six months. And, 8 per cent of them said, “two-four individuals” in their families got re-infected with Covid in the last six months, and another 8 per cent said, “one individual” was infected in this period.

On a collective basis, 18 per cent citizens of the people surveyed had one or more individuals in their families who got re-infected within the last six months, the NGO claimed in a statement.

In response to another question, 45 per cent of those surveyed shared that they got re-infected “weeks after the original infection”, while 27 per cent of them got it six-months after the first infection. 11,604 people responded to this.

The final question in the study asked citizens, “The individuals in your family (including yourself) who got infected by Covid twice or thrice in the last 180 days, how were their infections and associated symptoms”, 46 per cent on an average responded that their infection contracted the second time was “more severe” than the first one. This question received 11,106 responses.