2 thoughts on “Backbone of Nation’s Economy can’t be Swept under the Carpet

  • July 1, 2022 at 9:51 pm

    Migrant labourers are behind their contribution towards Indian economy.
    The strategised professes to kill their hunger and poverty as they migrate from rural to urban cities. These labourers are mostly poor, backward castes and tribals from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. They work predominantly to acquire salary in terms of bequeathing comfort to their family members.
    These labourers are premediated disrespectfully and are humiliated despite understanding their difficult circumstances by the government and the renowned agencies.
    This blog is a nostalgia towards the tribal, backward castes people and their life delved in abode of poverty. So, I would like to say that these people are truly the backbone of the urban cities in replica of Indian economy which is only enlightened by the sincerity and the consistency of hard work by the migrant labourers.

  • July 1, 2022 at 9:23 pm

    Migrant labourers are behind their contribution towards Indian economy. This is true because they migrate from rural to urban areas and discover job as a labourer working throughout the day and night to ease their poverty. But the question which arises here are they treated in a good manner or are they treated illegally or badly by the government and the superiors of certain agencies who hardly think about the labourer’s circumstances? The answer which professes here is that they are enforced to work substantially and also are not paid in consonance to their prospect despite their consistent efforts and hard work.
    The village people of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh predominantly migrate to urban areas and the paradox of these forced labourers is to kill their hunger and poverty and earn better salary to help their family members.
    Being the migrant labourer and their cynicism of life from where they mostly come then we would acknowledge many reasons of their miseries from which they are crossing over through in terms of their sustenance in life.
    So, I would say the poor or migrant labourers should not be treated or humiliated disrespectfully because it’s natural every human being has their own self-respect and dignity which they should maintain and should not be biased or judgemental towards others in respect of humiliating others.
    This blog was a nostalgia towards poverty, hunger,backward castes people in replica of their journey towards their struggled and tragic life.

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