Fires Ravage Reserved Forest

Fires Ravage Reserved Forest

IMPHAL (Manipur): According to media reports,  wildfires that broke out sometime on Sunday afternoon (March 12) continues to rage, destroying sizaable portion of Langjing Manbi reserve forest despite hectic efforts to douse them.

Screen shot of Forest fire

Massive forest fires broke out in numerous places across the Langjing Manbi reserved forest under the Henglep sub-division of the Churachandpur district.

The strong winds have aided in spreading the fire. Sources on Monday (March 13) report that a sizeable portion of  the forest which is under the Bishnupur forest zone, has been burnt down  .

The fire that started some 24 hours ago is still continuing despite hectic efforts being made by the various law enforcement agency personnel including Manipur Fire Services, forest, civilians, and police, the official source said.

The fire which started from the northern part of the reserved forest area may have been  caused by humans, sources speculated .

The  fire burnt down the small shrubs and grasses leading to the loss of biodiversity, small animals, and birds. Smoke and poisonous gas emissions may result in significant health issues in and around the human inhabitaned areas.

It may be recalled that the last svere outbreak of wildfire from  this reserved forest was reported in April 2022.

 Since then the state government has endeavoured to replenish the green cover of the forests in the state.

Meanwhile, forest officials said that the an estimate of the loss due to the  fire cannot established at the time of reporting.