Students vote for renewable energy

Students vote for renewable energy

PATNA: Politicians wake up! In your quest for power, remember that the people need power: the electric kind. Make ‘renewable energy’ an issue on your manifesto, say students from some 30 schools in Bihar.

Reaching out to more than 50,000 people seeking their support for renewable energy, students and their parents have urged all the political parties to include renewable energy in their manifestoes.

The students have urged Bihar leaders to look to their future by working on how to make Bihar self-reliant in energy.

Behind the campaign is the Centre for Environment and Energy Development (CEED). CEO Ramapati Kumar said, “We realized that school students, can play a major role in the campaign. This is because children are the future and those to be impacted by climate change. We decided to reach out to students and sensitize them about the issue and make them participate in the campaign.”

“We have shortlisted private and government schools. We are working with about 50 schools in 20 districts of Bihar and our aim is to reach more than two lakh people to press for renewable energy,” Kumar told the local media

Under the campaign, every student is to approach 100 persons, give them presentation about renewable energy to convince them to give a missed call or sign a petition in support of renewable energy.

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