Where People are News

Where People are News

Welcome to NEWSNET ONE, where People are News.

NEWSNET ONE. We are in a process of constant renewal:  Our core values haven’t changed, now they are just better defined.

The tagline I coined almost 25 years ago “Breaking Barriers, Building Community” remains. It was with this vision that I conceived and executed various activities which later took shape as the AASRA Project and other events and activities.

The same vision is carried forward with AASRA Communications, a private not-for-profit venture.

The seminal purpose of my endeavours was the breaking down of the barriers caused by superstition, blind belief in outdated and divisive religious practices, prejudice towards people who are ‘different’ including linguistic minorities, indigenous people, the LGBTQIA oriented, and the building up of a multi-faceted, multicultural, inclusive society rooted in fair play, rights and the protection for women, children, the differently abled and vulnerable.

NEWSNET ONE is a part of AASRA Communications and will continue our endeavour to produce efficient communicators and to inform and educate in the true spirit of secularism.

The objective: NEWSNET ONE was conceived as the training ground for young people and those interested in participating intelligently in the various forms of the media. It is to serve as a place where media students and others can develop skills to communicate effectively and well in English. Internships are offered to young people between the ages of 16 and 24.

We especially encourage the participation of the differently abled, LGBTQIA oriented, and students coming from socially or economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Persons living with HIV and AIDS are most welcome to obtain training with us.

NEWSNET ONE endeavours to provide a space and a platform for news that is often missed out in today’s mad rush for commercialism and competition. Even seemingly ordinary information can be educative, highly useful, and game-changing. This is what visitors will find here.

NEWSNET ONE welcomes information, press releases, and interaction with social organisations, educational institutions, minority rights groups from across India and beyond.

Wishing you a long and happy association with us.

Frank Krishner

Director, AASRA Communications

contact us on act.patna@gmail.com