When will women be safe in India?

When will women be safe in India?


It is true that India is a developing in every field, but the status or the problems faced by the women in our country remains the same. In India we shout with pride that now our country is the largest and most successful democracy in the world. We claim liberty and equality among all and before the law. But in this very country women are still living in darkness and are afraid to come out of their houses.

After Delhi, Bangalore is now the most unsafe place for women. Just a week ago on New Year celebrations, Bangalore recorded the highest cases of molestation of women. 756 cases of molestation were recorded in one night and police turned totally helpless. Another shameless incident was reported from Bangalore where a girl was molested on the street and thrown on ground by two men. The worst part was that there were many onlookers and eyewitness who were within 500mts from the scene of incident, but nobe of them showed courage to stop the bikers and help the girl.

Society itself is responsible for all these incidents. Everyday there are articles of rape, molestation and harassment or domestic violence. For the media is all about these women, their plight and then there are massive protests and young men and women marching with slogans and candles. After few days, everything is back to its normal position and the society busy in its own world but will those women ever be able to live a normal life; what happens to these women?


Yours truly

Rashmi Kumari

CEMS – IInd year, Patna Women’s College

2 Responses to "When will women be safe in India?"

  1. Susan Hill   January 12, 2017 at 7:19 am

    When will apple trees start bearing Oranges?

  2. Boy Shakira   January 12, 2017 at 7:14 am

    Rashmi says nothing new except keep on whining and winging. Yes, it is appalling that India is full of boorish males. Things like this happen when there is a consent in your very home to discrimination against girls. When your own family subscribes to the pallu, burkha, headscarf, keep-your-eyes down, don’t talk back to your father-uncle-brother notion; when in your own home the pati’ is the ‘parmeshwar’, and ‘father knows best’ is your slogan.
    But wasting time repeating the same old spiel: women are unsafe in India? Fiddlesticks!


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