Politicians’ Sickening Statements


The behaviour of politicians and the low level of their statements made have become quite sickening. It is as though basic decency and dignity has been thrown to the winds. The speeches and utterances of the vocal politicians, especially those campaigning in North India nowadays have become ribald, rustic and reactionary.

Be they Chief Ministers or even the Prime Minister, it is embarrassing how they trade insults and try to sneak in comments that seek to instigate the voters and divide them on so called religious lines.

Take the recent ‘Kabarstan vs Shamshaan’ (Graveyard vs Cremation ground) remark that was in bad taste, and the reactions to the remark that were equally  tasteless. Both the Prime Minister and his opponents are guilty of fanning the so-called ‘communal’ flames.

I would like to say, why are these politicians so focussed on starting a hollow debate about  the burial grounds and cremation grounds, can’t they devote their time to telling the electorate what practical methods they will use to ensure social justice and  relieve the poverty and joblessness of the living?

Yours truly

Sami Dinkar, St Jude’s School, Lucknow

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