Pseudo Development?

Pseudo Development?


Education is the first step towards development of oneself and the country. It is an essential basic need for every child.

In Ancient times, the education system of Magadh was very well known by the other countries too. It had a prestigious, Nalanda University where many scholars completed their education. This makes Bihari people proud. But today, the land of Magadh(Bihar) and Biharis are becoming famous for their ‘fraud degrees’.

The education system of Bihar is degrading day by day.

Here, in some government schools teachers do not pay attention towards the students, this is even true in some private schools also, where the condition is more or less the same, as the students who want to study go for the extra tuition; this increases in  income of the teachers.

The Bihar topper scandal in 2016 proved the bad quality of education of some Bihari schools and after so much of effort taken by the government to prevent it, this time again the same thing was repeated.

There are hardly any examination centre (including private and government) which encourages fair examinations. Not only this; the invigilator themselves, sometimes motivate the students for the malpractices; just for the extra income.

As for college education, neither the examinations are taking place at the scheduled time nor do the results come out on time. For example AKU, students had to sit for their exam without knowing about the previous exam results. In other Bihar universities similar things occur, but AKU (Aryabhatta Knowledge University) is the apple of CM Nitish Kuma’s eye!

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So, in my opinion we in Bihar are leading towards a pseudo development which is a grave concern.

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Yours truly

Seema Kumari

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