Rakhi Eclipsed by Loony Tunes?

Rakhi Eclipsed by Loony Tunes?

The whole day of Raksha Bandhan was very joyful until my family relatives started announcing restrictions on eating. On the day of Raksha Bandha the lunar eclipse started from 10:42 pm. So everyone was concerned about having the food before the eclipse. This issue definitely must be the interesting topic for the discussion in past two days.
A lot people in my locality kept staring at the moon discussing the superstitions related to it. This natural process has some scientific facts but some people on earth have their own facts. After spending the whole day in counting the rakhis on their hands they were reminding each other to remove all the rakhis before sleeping otherwise they have a negative effect on health.
The pundits’ warning was focused on the eating as it is said that one should not eat anything nine hours before the lunar eclipse.
“In our society there are many people educated and uneducated both who believe in superstitions related to the eclipses. There are certain myths in people’s mind which will long forever with the time because they have been listening these things from childhood. We always try to educate people about ‘graha’ and ‘rashis’ because they have scientific reasons.
Around 11 people have come to me from morning with the problems of their nakshtras but they did not had any problem in fact. If anything has to be wrong it will happen” said a pundit near Panchmukhi Temple, Boring Road.
People who are afraid that eclipses always come with something bad they must have faced problem. Such people always find a thing to blame.

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The happiness of raksha bandhan couldn’t last for even one day. The rituals related to the lunar eclipse increased tension in the minds of people. Due to the eclipse the auspicious time for tying Rakhi was limited and for the people who strongly believe in Eclipse’s effects it was a matter of concern. Various people had different types of interpretations. Some thought that it would definitely affect their day but some did not care about it.

While talking to some people I heard interesting stories. I went to a grocery shop and he was happy because he heard news from that the rate of pulses will increase. If this fact is true then the common people should blame the nature for the prices not the government. In a betel shop a person complained about his phone. He was unable to make calls because of some software problem. He gave the phone to check and said in frustration “It seems the lunar eclipse has affected only me in the whole world. All the today’s work is left incomplete and now this phone.” I made his day by solving his phone problem.

The eclipse started at 10:42 pm and ended by 12:38 am but people got alert from the morning itself. It was a memorable day for brothers and sisters and a memorable night too because of the rituals related to the eclipse.

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