Tiresome practices turn into beautiful memories…..

Tiresome practices turn into beautiful memories…..


On the eve of national sports day, I want to share my memories. When I was in school ‘Notre Dame Academy’ we had our games period every weekend where our sports teacher ‘Nandu sir’ made us do PT. We always complained to him, ‘Sir this period is called as games period and you make us do PT’ and Sir used to smile and say ‘I know what games you will play, you all will go making your groups and sit somewhere to chat, so better do PT’.

One month before our school sports day, all the students were made to  practice for the sports. From the morning, after the prayer, we were told to gather in the big field of our school (where sports day is held) and our teachers accompanied us; they made us practice the games and events that we were supposed or selected to do. Sometimes I used to get very annoyed because of these tiresome practices (personally I didn’t like to do any kinds of sports).

Our school sports day was one of a mega events in our school. On that day various chief guests, other dignitaries, sisters and parents came as the audience. It used to be the most energetic day for the students and the school. The march past by the students of grades 6-10 and the school monitors marked the beginning of the sports day event. Then we had relay races, 100 meter races, 200 meter races, 400 meter races, long jumps, drills, various class games, discus throws, sack races, javelin throw, slow cycle race etc.

Prizes for the competitions like kabbadi, kho-kho, basketball etc were given to the winners on that very day.

We did not like the long hours of practices that was made to do; so we students sometimes use to make excuses like ‘ Sir, I have stomach pain’, ‘ sir , I have wounded my leg’ etc.

There were students who enjoyed sports and were very happy that they would not have to attend classes and the entire day will be spent in the field with the friends, whereas I was interested in watching the race with the curiosity and motivating my yellow house to win. We used to bully our other friends who belonged to other houses like blue, green and red.

After becoming an alumina I understood the importance of the PT and those long hours of practices. It was those practices that made students do their best on that day. Now, those PT classes, tiresome practices of sports day, cheering for our friends and yellow house have become one of the most beautiful memories of my life.



Seema Kumari

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