Maoist leaders are equally corrupt, lead posh lives?

Maoist leaders are equally corrupt, lead posh lives?

Are the top Maoist leaders leading ‘double lives’? A report prepared by the police seems to say that. It says that their children go to posh schools while their relatives study medicine and buy flats in posh communities.

Dreaded Maoists Vijay Yadav, alias Sandeep, and Praduman Sharma who operate in Jharkhand-Bihar,  have unaccounted for properties worth crores, and  offer their children elite education and  their relatives an affluent lifestyle.

This disclosure was made by the Bihar police who earlier this month sent a detailed dossier to its Jharkhand counterpart for further probe.

The Maoists, each carrying a Rs 25-lakh reward on their head in Jharkhand, have property worth at least Rs 5 crore each, said an IG-rank Bihar officer.

Sandeep is from Latua, Gaya,. – He is the operation in-charge of the middle zone of Bihar-Jharkhand Central Area Committee  that  covers Chatra and Palamau (Jharkhand) and Gaya and Aurangabad (Bihar), and is wanted in 88 cases in Bihar and over 50 in Jharkhand.

Praduman is from Jehanabad and the operational in-charge of Magadh zone of the same area committee. He is wanted in 51 cases in Bihar and Jharkhand.

The Bihar police dossier, which was allegedly  accessed by a localdaily, reveals that Sandeep recently paid Rs 30 lakh for a flat at Raghunath Garden at Chutia in Ranchi.

His elder son Gaurab studies BBA at BIT-Mesra (Patna) while the younger one (name withheld as he is a minor) is a Class XII (commerce) student at St Xavier’s School in Ranchi.

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The younger son stays with mother (Sandeep’s wife) Rajbanti Devi in Samlong, Namkum. An untrained teacher, Rajbanti never goes to her Latua government primary school but draws a salary, and has property worth Rs 80 lakh.

Sandeep’s sons lead lavish lives. Their fees are routed through the bank account of Dhanik Lal Mandal, alias Bhutali, Sandeep’s younger brother wanted in eight Naxalite cases, said the IG-rank officer.

Sandeep’s eldest daughter Soni Kumari, who attended Banasthali Vidyapeeth (Rajasthan), is married to Delhi government school teacher Gajendra Narayan. Gajendra, who lives beyond his means, recently booked a Rs 35-lakh flat at Revanta MultiState in Delhi. “Gajendra seems to invest and launder levy money,” the senior Bihar policeman said.

Sandeep’s youngest daughter studies in Class IX at an expensive public school in Bodh Gaya, Bihar.

The other Maoist Praduman is unmarried but it seems his elder brother Pramod Singh, also a Maoist, sister-in-law Shanti Devi, nephews Varun and Tarun, niece Puja and other relatives in Jehanabad live off his wealth.

Recently, Praduman paid Rs 22 lakh for Puja’s admission to Chettinad Medical College at Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu, the sum transferred by one Virendra Kumar and a fake company through RTGS. Tarun and Varun stay in Calcutta to prepare for medical entrance. “Tarun, Varun and Puja have been educated at expensive schools in Rajasthan. They always travel by air,” the policeman said.

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State ADG (operations) R.K. Mallick said Jharkhand police were gathering intelligence on the basis of the Bihar dossier. “Maoists lead a double life. They keep away their own children from their so-called armed revolution and force the poor to lift guns. We have to break their economic backbone,” Mallick added.

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