Court can’t regulate respect to gods

New Delhi, Nov 29 (PTI) Respecting theĀ  gods should be one’s habit and it cannot be controlled or regulated through any court order, the Delhi High Court said today.

A bench of Acting Chief Justice Gita Mittal and Justice C Hari Shankar further said no public interest litigation (PIL) was needed to show respect to the god.

“We as citizens should know where to put god’s pictures,” the bench said.

“This should be our habit. A citizen’s habit cannot be controlled by a court order,” it said and suggested to the counsel for the petitioner to run awareness campaigns to ensure that such pictures are not put up on the boundary walls of parks and other places.

The bench was hearing a plea alleging that pictures of gods were being put up only with a view to prevent people from urinating or throwing waste, without realising that it would hurt the sentiments of devotees.

It had also sought action against the authorities, saying they have failed to perform their duties.

The plea by Delhi resident Raju Mehra also sought direction to the civic bodies to remove the pictures of gods and goddesses from the boundary walls of parks and keep them in places of worship.

Expressing concern over the issue, the bench asked the civic bodies and other authorities to ensure that the petitioner’s grievance was urgently addressed.

“Urgent steps be taken by the authorities to prevent such practise by the public,” it directed and disposed of the PIL.


4 Responses to Court can’t regulate respect to gods

  1. I think we should be human enough to respect God. Court orders can’t give senses to those who are not willing to understand.

  2. yashswini Tiwary

    Okay this is very good step taken by the High court i agree with this Why this order should not be also applicable for singing National Anthem?

  3. Most important thing is Court or government body is not required to teach a individual what to do. Common sense is required….we live in such a society where we clean our area making surrounding dirty with hope that government bodies will clean…..what rubbish. We need to grow up. Why wasting Court time on such issues, more major problem are there which needs Courts attention.

  4. It’s indeed a great decision by the High Court as such practices must be checked by the lower courts in order to make such statements or orders regarding the religious sentiments of the masses.

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