Indian students attacked in Italy

Indian students attacked in Italy

The Indian Consulate in Milan has said ‘Indian students have been assaulted in a string of incidents in northern Italy’.

The Consulate General of India in Milan on Monday, 30th October issued an advisory  to Indian students studying in the main city of Lombardy Region of Italy, asking them not to panic.

The advisory was issued after the Consulate General of India received reports about a series of assaults on Indian students studying in academic institutions in Milan.

The Consulate is taking up this matter with the highest level of law and order authorities in Milan,” according to the advisory posted on Twitter.

The advisory did not mention if the attacks on Indian students appeared to be racially motivated.

The Consulate General of India advised Indian students to be in touch with each other, especially when they go out.

It also advised students to spread information among other students from India about the areas where they have experienced “such incidents” so that such areas can be avoided.

Ms. Sushma Swaraj External Affairs Minister, in New Delhi, said she had received a detailed report about the incidents. She is personally monitoring the situation and asked the students not to worry.


Prepared with media reports by Seema Kumari



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  1. Shristy sonal   November 29, 2017 at 10:24 pm

    The fear of racial attacks and the uncertainty over short-term visa for skilled workers are two definite concerns for India. The recent attacks against people of Indian origin left in their wake another conundrum for India in its diplomatic dealings with other country, especially when it comes to offering and accepting consular help.


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