Police bust Bihar’s budding Booze ‘home delivery’ services

Police bust Bihar’s budding Booze ‘home delivery’ services

Patna: Bootlegging is alive and well in spite of the Nithish Kumar Government’s sanctimonious claims that Biharis have meekly accepted teetotaler status. Patna police recently  ‘busted’ two liquor smuggling gangs that used to home-deliver liquor in swish sedans marked with “government” and “police” plates. Now, there are bound to be a few ‘well-heeled’ customers shaking in their boots, given the fact that the draconian prohibition laws in Bihar allows police to raid your home and arrest you if you happen to be hoarding the amber liquid!

The police, acting on tip-offs conducted raids at the Mahesh Nagar and Kurji areas of Patliputra police station and at the Indra Nagar area under the Kankerbagh police station. They  arrested 16 persons and seized around 165 bottles of booze.

The Patliputra police first raided the Mahesh Nagar area and arrested one Abhishek Kumar while he was on the way to deliver the goods and seized the  five bottles of liquor he was carrying.

Abhishek, an MBA , helping to persons known to him to wet their whistles for the past few months.  Abhishek, the police say,  was in the real estate business for the past year.

Now Abhishek, ratted on  Sashi Kumar Singh, a resident of Rajiv Nagar area, who, he said,was the main supplier of the smuggles booze. The Patliputra police then arrested Sashi from Kurji Mor when he was out to deliver liquor.

“Sashi used to home deliver liquor in his Honda Amaze car,” said Naseem Haider, a police officer at Patliputra police station. “Sashi had put ‘Government of India’ plates on the front and rear nameplates.”

Police sources said Sashi is a travel and tour operator and owns half a dozen vehicles.

“I had put ‘Government of India’ plates on my vehicle as the car is given on rent to National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) officials,” Sashi admitted.

As the car was given on rent to NHAI officials who regularly tour outside Bihar, whenever the car travelled out of Bihar Sashi’s, driver used to bring liquor for him which he used to supply to select customers, police sources said.

Apart from Abhishek and Sashi, the police have arrested five more persons and seized 10 bottles of liquor who used to work for them.

The nine-member gang the Kankerbagh police busted with 150 liquor bottles and two cars had a similar modus operandi.

“The gang used to make liquor deliveries in cars,” said Kankerbagh police station house officer (SHO) Ravi Bhushan.

“They had put ‘police’ stickers on the cars they used to supply the liquor in,” the SHO added.

The gang, police sources said, used to bring liquor from Hajipur. The gang had several unemployed youngsters as home delivery boys.

5 Responses to "Police bust Bihar’s budding Booze ‘home delivery’ services"

  1. ujjawal Kumar sinha   November 29, 2017 at 9:00 pm

    It seems bihar is high. Banning booze will not help eradicate the evil. Not all bad guys drink booze and not all good guys are non-alcoholic. We should try to catch those who act weird and insane after drinking booze.

  2. Pawan Prakash   November 26, 2017 at 11:46 am

    Alcohol is banned only in the context of government or even many people says alcohol is not banned only the price of the alcohol has been increased earlier it openly but now alcohol sell like top secret mission at high price. This not only the single case of Bihar, alcohol is delivered door to door and even the government is indulged into this secretly.

  3. rajan kumar   November 17, 2017 at 1:45 pm

    government banned alcohol but is being delivered to people at their home using government name then what is the government doing?

  4. priyanka   November 17, 2017 at 8:40 am

    alcohol prohibition in Bihar, has just changed its appearance.Now the bottle of liquor is reaching people through home delivery which is proving much more convinient for them than before.
    I believe spreading awareness to stop drinking is also essential enough than prohibiting of alcohol.

  5. Shashi Shekhar   November 16, 2017 at 4:28 pm

    “Is Bihar really a dry state?” this is the first question that came in my mind while reading this article. It is hard to say who is doing his job better, the police or the criminals. Using governments name to smuggle booze is both cool and villainy at the same time.


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