Shillong Blues

Shillong Blues


Shillong is becoming a traffic nightmare, thanks to ‘enterprising inhabitants.

Commercial vehicles from neighboring Assam are flooding the city streets in such a manner that their presence is ubiquitous. There is not a single road or lane in the city, observed residents, where one cannot see these vehicles either entering or being parked.

Their presence is attributed to the mushrooming guesthouses in every nook and corner of the city and has become a source of headache for many here. The movement of these commercial vehicles, according to many, is also contributing to the traffic menace in the city.

While it is good that local people can earn some money and livelihood, proper checks have to be taken that our beautiful city doesn’t become a tourist hell-hole.

T. Shylla, Iewduh, Shillong, Meghalaya



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