Nothing out of the Ordinary

Nothing out of the Ordinary

With the new semesters and fresh sessions starting in July, some young men give their opinions about higher education in Bihar.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”, Said Nelson Mandela.  Bihar is known for the world’s prestigious university like Nalanda and Vikramshila; where students from all over the world used to come to study but education system has deteriorated with the changing time.

Most Biharis say that the education system in Bihar has declined to such an extent that students now have to migrate from Bihar to other states and countries.

Aman Kumar Jaiswal, an alumnus of Dr Ram Manohar Lohia College Muzaffarpur says “It took me 5 years to complete my graduation. There was no chemistry professor at my college for more than a year. Even my


zoology professor had retired but somehow the college extended his time to complete our syllabus. The condition of the education system in Bihar is pathetic. I want to pursue MBA outside Bihar because there is no good institution, no placement no industrial interference; you can get only a degree. The main problem is the late session and late examination process.”




Another student, an alumnus of St. Xavier’s College, Patna, Abhishek Singh migrated from Chapra to Patna for his bachelor degree.  He said, “There were no good colleges neither good coaching centres to prepare for a competitive exam in my town, so I completed my education in Patna”.  I am preparing for my competitive exam in Patna for the past two years.  Patna a is a hub for general competition. here there is a number of good teachers; students from other villages and towns come here. I opted for distance education for my Master’s degree so that I can concentrate on my competitive exam. In future, I want to become a Government employee as an Accountant or clerk officer.”
Kundan Bage

Kundan Bage from Naubatpur village said,  My village has a number of polytechnic colleges but it lacks basic facilities. It has no good teachers and no machines for practices. So I came to Patna for my secondary education now I am doing my diploma in polytechnic. Here there are lots of choices for good polytechnic and diploma colleges. I joined tool and training centre Patliputra, they provide good practical knowledge and have good teachers and all the machines are available for the practical. I want to become an engineer and want to join TCS or Wipro Company.

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Vivek Jaiswal student of the final year from Magadh University says “I am waiting for my final exam from last 2 month but there is no information about it. I have cleared the entrance exam of Central University of Punjab as well as Central University of south Bihar.


The last date for submitting my marks sheet in Punjab Central university is 30th August. Due to the late exam, I  cannot take admission in, I will have to waste my one year as well as I wasted Rs 9000 for my admission process. The state university is playing with the life of the students.  I will now move out of Bihar for my higher studies. I want to become a professor.

The problem of low quality higher education in the small towns and districts remains, and nobody within the system appears to have the political will to clean up the rot. There are only a few colleges in the State capital, Patna that have a good reputation for delivering educational services. When will things really begin to change?


Nihal Kumar Dutta

Newsnet Intern

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