Ariana’s Sweetner : God is a Woman

Ariana’s Sweetner : God is a Woman

Just hours after she released “God Is a Woman,” a sultry, subtly reggae-infused slow jam from her forthcoming album Sweetener, Ariana Grande has put out an engaging music video for the single.

The clip finds the singer hula-hooping with the Milky Way, fingering the eye of a hurricane, and deflecting misogynist epithets, a visual embodiment of her declaration that “I can be all the things you told me not to be/When you try to come for me, I keep on flourishing/And he sees the universe when I’m in company/It’s all in me.”

Sweetener Album Cover

According to Slant Magazine ‘The Dave Meyers-directed video mixes animation, digital eye candy, and references to classic artwork, as well as a few WTF moments, like a set piece in which a group of moles emerge from their holes and scream bloody murder.’

Watch the video here God is a Woman

Pointed metaphors abound, from scenes of Grande walking a tightrope to literally breaking a glass ceiling. At one point, pop’s original feminist queen, Madonna, makes a cameo reciting the Old Testament by way of Pulp Fiction—with her own characteristic twist, of course, swapping “brothers” for “sisters.”

Sweetener is expected August 17th on Republic Records.

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