Time to put- prevention is better than cure into action

Time to put- prevention is better than cure into action

The rainy season has arrived, the rains give us relief from the sweltering heat but they also bring viral and bacterial infections that can take away the fun from enjoying the weather. This season becomes the perfect breeding ground for germs and bacteria which in turn lead to water borne disease that affects a lot of people.
This is exactly the reason why we see very few people around our colleges, school and offices;  they get health problems and are on leave.
Some of the common diseases caused during this monsoon are:
• Water borne: Cholera, Typhoid, and Diarrhea.
• Vector borne: Malaria, Dengue, Viral Hemorrhagic Fever and Chikungunya.
• Even sudden drop in temperature may infect one’s health those who have allergic and asthmatics even eating of junk food and drinking of contaminated water.

Dr. Balmukund Kumar, Rajendra Nagar

Dr. Balmukund Kumar a resident of Rajendra Nagar said, this is the best time to put “Prevention is better than cure into action” he suggested that  –
• Monsoon is the time when dirty water get mixed with sewage and soil which causes infection. Make drinking water safe by boiling and filtering by using ultraviolet purifiers to ensure its purity.
• Prevent stagnation of water near house in flower pots and coolers. All sources of water should be cleaned and covered.
• Use insect repellents and clean the area and take precaution to stay away from them.
• Clean the washy leafy vegetables under running water steaming them to get rid of germs.
• Do not wear wet clothes for long to prevent fungal infection of skin and nails.
• Drink boiled water, sticking to home cooked food and avoid street food and junk food as much as we can.

There are some  diseases which are preventable and can be dealt within home with doctor’s guidance, while some will require proper medical attention, otherwise they can turn fatal. It is very important to keep yourself protected during the rainy season.


Nihal Kumar Dutta

Newsnet intern

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