Little Change on our part can make a big difference

Little Change on our part can make a big difference


Recently in Dusshera 59 people died in Amritsar because of the train accident. The entire media covered this news. The question was who is to be blamed. Who was at fault – The organizers, the train driver or the government but no one questioned on Public that Why were the public’s standing on and between the tracks.

On the daily basis also Why do the people cross tracks to change the platforms? Why do the people run to catch the running train? Why do they stand on the doors of running train? Why do they sit on the roofs of running train? People know that they  are risking their life but they still do it? Who is to be blamed?

Not only this but generally whatever happens we easily blame the government be it accident, garbage problem, bad infrastructure, corruption but we forget that we people are also responsible for the society we live in. Half of the time we are the one who creates problem for ourselves.

Government makes bridges people use it for selfies and do rash driving; break the bridges and fall off.  Government put lights on the street, people steal them. Government is blamed for the dirt and garbage all around but we throw our garbage on the sides of the road. Government is blamed for the corruption but we people encourage it.  Government gives facilities to us but we miss use them.

It is not the governments fault only but we are equally responsible for the bad situation. We need to understand that it is we who make us.  We need to look within and correct our behavior.  We as a responsible citizens need to take step for our better society. We cannot make a big change but a little change on our part can make a big difference.



Yours truly

Seema Kumari

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